Bodybuilding Motivation Videos by Jon Andersen

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As a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, and former strongman, Jon Andersen loves to share some daily motivation videos on his Instagram account. From fat kid to a professional bodybuilder, he wants to inspire people like him who once thought that achieving their goals were hard due to the obstacles and walls having their way.

Below are some of his daily bodybuilding motivation videos shared on his Instagram account. You will also see a transcript of each video at the bottom.

Do Something New Today!

When did being average, when did being like everybody else become such a commodity? Do you really wanna be that guy that goes to work, comes home, lays on the couch and does nothing? Is dancing with the stars really that entertaining? Hell no! You've got to strive, you've got to do something today that separates you from everybody else. Tomorrow, you've got to do something else that separates you from the masses because you're not gonna get ahead dancing with the stars, sitting on in the couch.

Have a Goal and Reach it!

The beautiful thing about training and eating right, going to the gym, working on a goal, is there's always something out to shoot for. You reach one goal, you just making everywhere. You make that big goal that sits out there, that you never ever quite reach and all that little ones in between is so easy. So never lose your focus. Have that goal that's running from you and there will be little ways after that. The bottom line is this, there's always, so many ways you can go about reaching your goal. It's all about creativity, it's all about kicking ass, it's all about doing what you want to do and enjoy how you do it.

You Should be Your Own Biggest Motivator

You should be your own biggest motivator. Nobody should be able to motivate you more than yourself. Be your own worst critic. Be the guy that puts that piece of honest criticism on yourself. That gets you out of the chair. That makes you do the extreme. That makes you prep your meals. That makes you prepare for tomorrow. That makes you do the three things that make tomorrow better than today. Be the guy for yourself. Be your own coach. Be your own motivator. And be your own biggest supporter.

Just Get Through the Day

We all have those days where it's just not going our way. The training slacks. You don't have enough energy. You just don't know what happened. But that's ok. Don't try to figure out, just get through. Get through the day. Those days when you wanna quit, the days when you feel like you don't have anything left. Just getting through is an accomplishment on its own. Do not fold like a chair when things get difficult. Just get through. Sometimes just getting over the finish line is a job well done.

Everything that happens to you is an Opportunity

When you get to some point that in anything you're doing you feel like you don't have anything left, you've got to look at this as a huge opportunity. Cause it takes a lot of work. Then once you're there, it's an opportunity, it's a moment that you've got to cease because one more step, stretching out your pain threshold, stretching out your ability to focus, all of these things have huge mirror moving forward in the big picture but you've got to cease the moment. When you feel like you got nothing left, it's an opportunity. Don't run from it. Push deeper into it. Because that's what it's all about.

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Jon Andersen is a real inspiration, a man who was able to do hard work, perform diligent training, and participate in multiple events that hits his interest. That itself is inspiring. Get your FREE Deepwater ebook & Sample Deepwater nutrition manual below.