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unleash your inner great white!!!

6 month program




The DEEPWATER BADASS combo Is engineered diet and nutrition protocol. They are designed to work together in such a way that you are going to burn body fat rapidly as you build muscle and get stronger. The training program is outside the box, fun and will challenge you every workout. Nutrition/diet protocol Will never leave you hungry. One of the primary principles of my DEEPWATER method is to feed the metabolism. Nutrients are timed and infused in such away it will allow your body to gain muscle as you rapidly lose body fat. Every week you will get a new email with training and nutrition that constantly evolves so you will continue to make progress as long as you follow the plan. The longer you follow the program bigger, stronger and leaner you’re going to be!

This program includes Jons informational and motivational videos to help maximize your success!

Training program will be emailed every 7 days.

Jon Andersen's Coaching